Ott Opts Out

Ott Opts Out

There was farmer named Ott

Who was put in a terrible spot

He signed up for software that said he could

Opt out of paying whenever he would.


And just like sin

Ott would soon learn

Once he got started it was hard to stop

And that’s how he got burned.


‘Cause it wasn’t the opt in

He expected to see

And the opt out wasn’t so free

As he thought it would be.


So Ott taught his children

That once sin gets started

It is not so easy

From it to get parted.


He had to teach them quickly

Because soon he adjourned

Farmer Ott had learned

While it was his life turn


That once begun the transgression

Was like the subscription

As sin and coding weren’t so soft

When you tried to switch them off.


by Bob Bekins,  April 2014

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