Southern Lights

by Bob Bekins, March 2013

Two things were happening at once on the freeway tonight. A small pickup truck had a rope that was dangling out the back of the bed about ten feet. As it touched the concrete at 65 miles an hour I noticed something that I have looked at a hundred thousand times but never seen before. The headlights of the car behind the pickup were hitting the truck’s chrome bumper and on the concrete there were these little flashes of light dancing around as the two cars moved along. Tiny bumps in the road and differences in their angle and their proximity changed the light. It looked as though the rope was igniting a low voltage lightning fire on the concrete.


Now here is the thing; if the rope were not there I would have perhaps gone the rest of my life and not seen the light. And we, we Christians, are like that rope. We just go slapping along on the tailgate of God’s purpose for our life.   Banging about, blown by the wind, and the bumps, and the thumps we hardly know how we are hanging on sometimes.   But, through all that, if we are a good witness, we point out the light. Some lost souls might never see that light if it weren’t for us crazy rope people. We have to be flexible like the rope but never become detached from the great truck that is God. We have to be able to take the spanking against the concrete like the rope, a little frayed at the end of our day, but never broken. We have to be visible and able to move about, not hiding anything. And above all we must live a righteous life free from as much sin as we can manage. We must have the strength woven from the fibers of our experience and the desire to show courage to those less fortunate than ourselves.

by Bob Bekins, March 2013

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