That Sinking Feeling

That Sinking Feeling

Here is a tidbit that may surprise you. Do you know why a ship floats? They are very heavy aren’t they? We usually think in terms of the air inside them, but many of them don’t have a lot of air. They are filled with oil or wheat or airplanes. So why do these 150,000,000 pound things float?

As long as they are lighter than the water that they displace they will float. If you have ever had to carry a pail of water very far, you know that it is h.e.a.v.y.   Water is one of the heaviest things on the planet. So if a 150,000,000 pound ship displaces 160,000,000 pounds of water it will continue to float.

Think of it this way.   You can drop a three-pound butcher knife into a river and it will sink like a stone.   If you place a three-pound cook pot on that same river it will float merrily downstream. That is because the butcher knife is consolidated and does not displace much water. The pot is spread out and displaces far more. It weighs less than the water it displaces.

When a ship like the Titanic goes down it is not because of the water it is letting in, but rather the weight of the water and the fact that it is more like the knife than the pot. The water rushing in makes the ship heavier than the air in the compartments when it was “unsinkable.”

Sin is just like that. When we are lighter than the sin, stronger than its force, we can overcome it.   When we let it start to leak in, we become more like the sin and less like the vessel that God made us to be. We float on top of the temptations of this world when we are a closed chamber to its intrusion. But as soon as we open a door to it, it starts flooding in and can sink us. When it was said, “The wages of sin is death.” that was no joke. The mate that went below and found the water flooding into the Titanic did not say to himself, “We are unsinkable. It is not too much water for this ship.” More likely he screamed some Englishman’s profanity and panicked in flight up the nearest stairs. We should be just as horrified as we step back and look at the sin we have let leak into our lives. Trouble is, we are the ship, not the mate. We think we are unsinkable.

Sin often starts out as a little trickle of excitement or humor or spoof or gossip or flirting. I am going to the casino for the buffet. I like to watch ‘R’ rated movies so I know what the enemy is up to.   Everyone drinks a little too much once in awhile. I’m only going to do this once. And one day you look down and the water is up to your ankles and any child can see that you are sinking. It spilled into your life one just-this-once event at a time. And you can feel the pull as you try to move your feet through the muddy puddle you now find yourself in.

Get up above the water because the flood of judgment is coming.   Be the vessel that God intended you to be.

by Bob Bekins,  March 2014


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