Want America Back?


A twelve step program:

  1. Stop spending money with companies that do not match your political platform and religious beliefs.
  1. Sell your TV and get some good books to read that were written and published before 1930. Stop the income to the Medianites that are killing any chance of a recovery.
  1. Don’t go to the movies and don’t download, rent, subscribe, or borrow the trash that people are calling entertainment these days.
  1. Spend time with your children, lots of it. And ask them to invite their friends over who you can also influence. Play Monopoly, chess, checkers, charades, put on a play, show old movies on the garage door, make a recipe together, build a shed together, dye Easter eggs, make Christmas presents, do things instead of having them done to you.
  1. If you are doing anything illegal, stop it.
  1. At work don’t “cut corners” don’t “push the envelope.”   Be the kind of person your employees and those you supervise can look up to. If you are on the line, be the best line worker you can be.
  1. Vote in every election.   Even the Dog Catcher can become the Mayor these days with the right publicist. Don’t give him a running start.
  1. Go to church, read your Bible, tithe, help others, teach others, and use your gifts for good causes.
  1. Repent. If you are sinning – stop it. Today.
  1. Pray to God thanking Him for the great things he has done and is doing in your life. Be grateful for all that you have. Then pray for your family, your city, your country, our military, our police and firemen, and finally for yourself that you can be the person that God made you to be.   Believe in the power of your own abilities. Use them to make this country even better than it is now and get it back to what it was before.
  1. Share your faith through your actions, and your word of honor, and your words of communication.   There are wonderful people you know that will go to Hell unless they learn about the love that Jesus has for them. It is our job to tell them.   Tell them.
  1. Return the poor man’s dignity by getting him off welfare and back to work. With dignity his son’s and daughters will become all that they can be. And from the strength of an intact family they can take pride in their contribution to America.

by Bob Bekins,  September 2013


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