Snippets 9

Snippets 9

Who We Are

A society that changes its basic foundational laws to suit its lawless desires is doomed to more of both.

No Big Deal

Saintly perseverance is a title that can only be applied when there is a choice between persistent sacrifice and regular comfort.


If a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy and we are all alike, then I am perfectly right to do/kill/eat what I wish. The fact that we humans care about those animals which are not like us is the proof that we are different from all the others.


God loves a cheerful giver.   The IRS doesn’t care.   – Chris Edwards

Which One Will Win?

If Christians consistently applied the love of which Jesus spoke without hypocrisy or corruption in the same manner and intensity that Islamists execute jihad, their religion would not last a single generation in the comparison.

She Said

I think I like you, but I am not sure that serving food at the Salvation Army Mission would be the best first date for the two of us. -Anon

How Old?

If mankind is really 2,400,000 years in the making why did it take 2,393,000 years to get around to inventing the written word.   That doesn’t make sense.

A Hearing

What use is a god that won’t listen to your prayers. Abba listens.

Slime Origins

If man is an accident and there are a 100,000,000,000 solar systems why haven’t we heard from another “accident” on some other planet?


I hope my spiritual life is more consistent than my dental hygiene. My most fastidious tooth brushing occurs the hour before my 6-month checkup with Herb my dentist. And HE reminded me that at least I know when my dental appointment will be; though the ultimate spiritual appointment is not so predictable.


We construct what God the architect has designed for us.


A baker and a brewer both apply yeast to grain. The latter achieves higher profit while the former sustains life.

Chris’s Dream

“My heavenly mansion’s dirt road has a tree stump beside it from which the cross was cut to pay for my salvation.” Chris Robinson


One of the great deceptions of our time is Hollywood’s successful attempt to create characters with whom we identify. We move away from who we really are toward a mimicking of the TV personalities we wish to be like. It is a cheap trick and a bad bargain, swapping realty for a sham.


America is a country which produces citizens who will cross the ocean to fight for democracy but won’t cross the street to vote. —Anonymous

Geezer Tips

You used to sit down.   Now you are a subject in a semi-controlled fall experiment

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