Gavel Time

Gavel Time  by Bob Bekins    June 2016

We spend a lot of our night’s hours doing something that we also do a great deal of in the daylight – judging. While we are asleep, three of our organs are doing important work. The two kidneys and our brain are going through nocturnal housekeeping routines.

The kidneys, which function better when we are lying down, are cleaning the blood stream of toxins.   The doctors say to drink a glass of cold water just before going unconscious to make the kidneys happy.

A little south of my kidneys ( I rest with my toes pointed north) my brain is sweeping the 22,000,000 memories of yesterday into appropriate cubby holes and trash cans.   Judging each memory with extraordinary efficiency, the brain is clearing the decks for the next day’s onslaught of experiences.   As one can imagine, without this, the brain would just come to a grinding halt with mental congestion.

So, a good night’s sleep is really important. My doctor says eight hours for most people should do it. Conversations with friends lead me to the conclusion that virtually all of them are sleep deprived. Many get only six to seven hours. Late night TV, facebook addictions, games, and emails, that could have waited until tomorrow, rob us of precious hours. It is easy to see that the natural cycle of sleep no longer matches the setting and rising of the sun.

The brain’s loss of compartmental organizing time then spills over into our days. There it shows up as judgment. We judge candidate A v.s. candidate B, Organic v.s. traditional, Chevy v.s. Ford v.s. Toyota, the blue blouse v.s. the white sweater, but mostly we judge others. We also judge God, the church he lead us to, and whether we can afford to share the Gospel truth with a co-worker.

I sold real estate in a poor area of a foreign country. What I want you to know about my Mexican Christian friends is that without TV they slept just fine at night. They had accepted their poverty and thanked God for what He DID provide. They were far happier and had less mental illness than my brother and sister believers north of the border. They did not judge as much as my acquaintances in the USA.

Water GlassHere is one of their secrets. What water is for the kidneys, prayer is for the brain. Prayer that expresses gratitude and acceptance of God’s will and the conditions of life that have been given to each of us. If we bed down at night with that kind of prayer on our lips, we will be better for it.

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