Unknown by Bob Bekins August 2016

If I asked you to explain a car you could tell me all about it. Each vehicle has four wheels that connect to a motor which are held in place by metal clamps that allow the automobile to move from one place to another. You would not talk to me about the kids that traveled in it to the Little League game on Saturday, or the commute to work, or the dash to the hospital when your first child was about to be born. You see, I didn’t ask you about the consequences of the car; I only asked you what it was.

Our world has been blessed to understand a great deal of this blue globe and how it works. As much as science has revealed many of the things that God created for us, it has not been able to explain some of the most obvious phenomenon. Oh, the scientists can explain the Little League, the commute and the dash part, but they have not found out what it is really is in many cases.

Here is an example.   One of our most substantial laws is that of gravity. It causes water to flow downhill, and in many areas on the earth, this provides clean electricity caused by that action. We then help gravity by guiding water to crops in the fields for their nourishment. There is pressure in the showers we take because that water comes from a higher source, like a municipal water tank, lake, or reservoir. Ultimately, gravity’s highest value is to keep us on our feet instead of flying off into space. Yet . . .

Scientists haven’t a clue about what causes it. They study it at the microscopic level and at the galaxy level but still can’t explain it the way we did the car earlier. Gravity is invisible, does not seem to have any weight, any moving parts, or any substance which they can get their arms around. When you consider how important the fact of it is, doesn’t it make quite a mystery that we understand so little about it? They say if the Earth was 2% farther from the sun that we would be a blue popsicle. The gravity of the Sun holds us in the perfect position for life to exist on the Earth.

We know what electricity does for us, but can’t explain why it works. Science’s uncertainties include the tilt of the earth, the spinning of our globe, and how it takes three or four generations of butterflies to complete their annual migration. The list of the “unknowns” is enormous. Many of these things are essential gifts from God that sustain life.

So rather than put so much faith in and attention upon science, we should worship
God who has made every one of these things work in our favor, even though we cannot understand it all. We do not know why He loves us so much, yet He does.   We do not grasp how He could sacrifice His own Son to be the forgiveness of our sins. On the day that we arrive in Heaven it is promised that in an instant we will understand all things.


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