Snippets 10

Snippets 10

Snippets 10       August, 2016

Resource       Belief is the key that opens the door to the vault of righteousness. – Chris Robinson

The Car       God wants to steer us, not BE us. It is my engine, my body, where I sit, my foot on the pedal, my destination, my passengers. What I see through the windows, what I hear on the radio, where I left and what I use for fuel.

Transactional     If something pays more than it costs, then it is not “service to others.”

Itchy     One flea on a hot summer night can do more to ruin a General’s plans than the enemy’s thousand soldiers with rifles.

Three Fingers Back     I am absolutely certain about how to advise you on your life, while being totally confused about my own.

Award     You don’t get gold stars for doing what you are supposed to do.

The Best Laid     Go ahead and plan your whole life. You are going to be so disappointed.

Not What it Seems     Death is a holy and wonderful thing to one who is dying. It is the gateway to Heaven with all its love & joy.

Anonymous     God prospers us not to raise our standard of living, but to raise our standard of giving.

Vacation     In daily life we seek consistency and our habits drive us toward that predictability. Why is it that in our recreation we seek the unknown, the adventure?

Herkie Jerkie     Every waiter knows that if you look at the coffee cup you are carrying you will naturally try to correct each hint of a slosh and turn it into an outright spill. Sometimes that is what we do with God’s plan for our lives by spending time watching it instead of just doing it.

Eyeful     Poisonous snakes are a reality and a concept. They remind us to keep alert. For, like snakes, temptations are scattered along the paths of our lives.

Solomon     The wise one who acts unwisely, is a fool.

Living Quarters     Those who don’t know Jesus are homeless in their heart. – Vladimir Moravek

It Is     I’m supervising my own happiness.

Greener Grass     If every other situation is worse, then you are in the best possible situation. If the grass appears greener over there it is likely to be concrete painted green. – Larry Osborne

Mom!     The teenage girl that says, “Mom, you just don’t understand!” is telling the truth.   Wisdom is taught more by experience than by the wisdom of others. It is a crying shame, but a reality, that each generation starts from scratch.



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