Choice Life


Choice Life      September 2016

One of the mistaken arguments in the Pro-Choice v.s. Pro-Life argument is who the pro-whatever is opposing. Pro-Choice folks think the opposition is against women. The Pro-Lifers think their counterpoint is against children.   This unfortunate situation provides no good answer. When a mother does not want her child, regardless of its “age”, there is a potential for serious side effects to the problem about what to do. If she is forced to keep the child, they will both be miserable at first and only time will tell if that will change. If she gives up and has an abortion, all her life she will wonder about whether it was right. For the child, the wondering is definitely and finally over.

The Pro-Choice folks say that the interior person is not a child until it is viable (able to live outside the womb by itself). This is a unique perspective for looking at the state of affairs.   I’ve met many a one year old boy that wouldn’t last 48 hours on his own. And I’ve met preemies that shouldn’t have survived but have done so indeed, and then excelled in life.

When a farmer plants a seed of corn, she expects a shoot, then a stalk, and then corn cobs with kernels of full ripe, mature edible corn. The seed is not the corn that she expects, but she could hardly expect to have it without the starting point. Children are like that. We cannot anticipate who they will become from conception through infancy and sometimes well into adulthood. George Muller, who raised more than 10,000 orphans in the 1800’s, did not become a globe-trotting speaker until he was in his 70’s. Shirley Temple Black could sing and dance when she was three but later became the United States ambassador to the United Nations. How about Arnold Schwarzenegger! Who would have thought a skinny Austrian kid with a bicuspid aortic heart valve would become the Governor of one of our United States?   You can’t look at a four year old girl and tell what accomplishments she will achieve, much less what an unborn child will invent, discover or dream into being.

Any company manager will tell you that regardless of the service or product offered, without good people the firm will not succeed. And so it is with our entire world. Can you imagine it without people? What a concept. That would be one long, endless struggle to determine the best carnivore where only the fittest survive.   No, we are better than that. The very ability to raise the question sets us apart from the other flora and fauna. The Papa Bear cries out, “Who ate my porridge?” And that is just about as far as it goes with the bear.

Now here is an interesting sidebar. Social scientists estimate that we will be short 45,000,000 workers in the United States by the year 2025. Those laborers will be needed to cook food, stock grocers’ shelves, drive trucks, clean banks, account for monies, nurse our ills, sell clothing and yes, pick goods from shelves at This is no small deal because Europe and the Middle East will be having the same problem.   Curiously, we have had about 55,000,000 abortions. Help will not come from Africa where this generation of children is being decimated by AIDS and war. Seems our policy to kill off about 15% of our population is going to have an interesting side effect. You think it is hard to get service now? Just wait.

What changed my mind about this question occurred long before I found my faith. Someone asked me, “When does the spirit join the body?” They meant that unique spirit being in each of us, the one that says ouch when another person pinches us.   Well, I couldn’t answer that question.   Until I can, religious beliefs or otherwise, I have to lean in favor of that little unborn spirit. We cannot claim to be in favor of the natural order when it comes to something as unnatural as this. If you are not safe in your mother’s womb, where will you ever be safe?

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