Snippets 11


Snippets 11.jpg

Snippets 11        September 2016

The Carrier

This morning, over my breakfast cereal, I saw a bruise in the same spot on my banana as the banana from yesterday. It occurred to me that I was looking at the spot where a laborer in Brazil had carried that bunch on his boney shoulders. It pleased me that I was nourishing myself and providing a job for a man in a far-off country. How our lives are interconnected! And yet when we think about the things that we are attempting, often God’s purpose in our actions is not even apparent to us. I wonder if the banana carrier in Brazil considers me once in awhile?   Think I will say a little prayer to bless his day.

Inside Out

When society calls those who protect you evil and protects the evil ones who wish to harm you, you will get more evil and less protection.

Where I Live

Ideally we should be so close to God that death is but a subtle transition of place.

Time Zones

Frank kept waking up daily in California at 3:00 AM or 3:01 or so, for no apparent reason until he found out that his dad was waking up in Florida at 6:00 AM and started his day by praying for Frank.

They Speak

God gave dogs tongues but no words. They just lick you with love and don’t care why you need that.


We all married the “wrong” person.   We cannot change others except as they react to the changes in us for the better.


Death is the ultimate complication which leaves no questions unanswered about your health, your life’s achievements, or where you will spend eternity.


We think of evil as outside of us. The prosecutor of evil works from within using our pride, lusts, and transactional thinking. Yet, this is the very part of our lives over which we have the most control.

Back Talk

Your brain would not yell at you, “WHAT are you DOING?!” It already knows.


I keep swinging and hitting the guy, but I don’t duck fast enough from my own fists.


You are a gentleman and a scholar, but your dog is a biter.


You don’t get clean to get into a shower. You get into a shower to get clean. You come to God for forgiveness. It is pointless to become perfect first. If you did, forgiveness would be unnecessary.


Getting my desires in line with God’s will is like driving a car. It takes constant adjustment through prayer, the same way that one fine tunes direction with a steering wheel. You have to be on the right side of the road with the correct destination in mind.

Not Your Beginning

If we took the spirit being out of your body, you would be back to the level of pond scum.


What is the difference between a man with a gun taking your money and a man voting to take your money for himself to control? Both are immoral, but only the first is illegal.


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