Tokyo Rose



Tokyo Rose              January 2017

During World War II there was an American woman of Japanese descent from Los Angeles who was employed by the Imperial government to send out radio messages each day. During the 75-minute broadcasts she used her soft, sweet, English-speaking voice to make the American soldiers homesick and to demoralize them so that they wouldn’t fight. The broadcasts talked about how the Americans were losing the war, how there was confusion in the leadership, and why the soldiers and sailors should give up on battles that could not be won.

In every war there are different strategies that are applied but none more important than the soldiers’ welfare and the way to influence what the men in the field think.   Regardless of what weapons and what tactics are used, ultimately it is the boots on the ground that make the difference. How willing are those soldiers to fight and risk their lives?   Often in past warfare, especially in conflicts like the American Civil War, one side would mass against another.   When one side got the sense that it was losing, that the cost was too high, they would break and run.   The other side then won.

When we look at these times, and many think this may be the end times, it is interesting to decide how an individual would react, should he or she be here during the seven years of tribulation. Part of the appeal of the dark side is how comfortable it would be to take the mark of the beast, the 666, thereby having everything you needed from employment to groceries to personal and global peace.   The other part is that if you are on God’s side and don’t take the mark, things will be very difficult for you.   So there is the choice between attractiveness and rejection as part of the enemy’s strategy in that warfare for the souls of humans.

In our day to day world, things are not that different. It is effortless to go along with what the world dictates. Doing what is popular is easier than doing what is right.   The world pretends not to care that doing wrong or going to the dark side is no big deal.   It is a very big deal to the dark-side advocates who want you to shack up with someone, to gamble, to drink, to cheat and to always put yourself first. The enemy even wants you to commit horrible crimes like murder and child abuse.   Nudging you along, one little step at a time, “Just a little further, you have come this far, what is the big deal if you do a little more? You aren’t as bad as . . . .”

The spiritual   warfare with which we now contend is not that different from the spiritual warfare during the seven years of tribulation. Nor is it unlike that of the conventional wars of the past. If we go along with the world, it will reward us with wealth, companionship, and luxuries. It says, “Life will be wonderful if you agree to the terms of what I have to offer.” The Tokyo Rose’s of today are whispering into our ears, “Go faster, drink more, eat until you burst, take this drug it will make you feel better, he’s so cute just talk to him.” Through the internet, people, television, and the movies speak, “Just do this for immediate satisfaction with no consequences because with everyone doing this one little thing, they can’t arrest all of us, can they?   If it is a crime, it is a victimless crime.” Or, you can stand up for what is right and not go down that path.



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