Good Guests


Good Guests              January 2017

It was unusual for me to be in the hotel this time of the week, but as General Manager, I had to take the duty as we transitioned between a traditional heating and air conditioning system to a co-generation plant. The cutover would prove to be stressful enough but what happened next added to the tension. The fire alarm went off, and within seconds my Security Manager was on the phone to tell me the indicator was showing seventh floor, west. He waited for me at the elevator, and we rode up. The Chief Engineer arrived moments later by the stairs. Often in hotels, we got false alarms, and we fully expected that to be the case. The culprit was easy enough to spot. About 19 years old, he was standing in the hall pounding on the door of his room screaming at his buddies to let him in. He was as wet as anyone could be in this type of situation.

The trick played on him was to get him to stand on a chair and use a Bic lighter under one of the fire detectors in the hall ceiling until it burst. The ensuing flood was the goal of his pals, and in his inebriated state it wasn’t hard to coerce him. This was all considered good fun.

Other bad guests included the man who had just been diagnosed with cancer. He came back to the hotel, tore his color TV loose from its metal bracket on the chest of drawers, walked out onto his third floor balcony, and tossed it through the roof of a convertible sports car in the parking lot below.

Some guests on vacation in our little resort town stayed true to the character of who they were at home. Others became an insanely-different person. Drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, boyfriends in for a fling, damage to the rooms, damage to the reputation of the hotel, and often a complete disregard for the law and the norms of society completed the list.

We are travelers here on this earth. Having been in existence for thousands of years as spirits in the heart of the God who eventually guides us to the wombs of our mothers, we forgot all that as we were born human. Then we lived the “real life” here on earth, the pivot point of the soul between two eternities, finally moving on to the next spiritual realm we would reach. There, for thousands of more years, we had the perspective and maturity to look back on this earthly “reality”, this 80 or so years, and see it for what it truly was.

Did we treat this short span of time as a lunatic on a full tilt vacation or did we take it seriously enough to realize that there was a purpose which went beyond our own enjoyment?   You can’t ask the hotel manager why you are in the hotel.  If you don’t know, then he certainly isn’t going to be able to figure it out for you.



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