Snippets 12


Snippets 12              February 2017


I don’t know how to do nothing, but I will figure it out.


You cannot open a hermit’s door from the outside.


When I shoot a basketball at the hoop it goes exactly where I pointed it. The ball is well defined, round, without variances in dimension and consistent in shape. When I throw wadded up pieces of paper at a trash can they have a mind of their own.   Sometimes I think even the weight of the ink of what is written can throw them off in their trajectory.


There is no pill for a broken heart – Dr. Bennett


The rich man has little of it to spare.  The poor man has plenty.  Yet they both have the same. Time.  To the rich man money means little, yet he strives for it and loses what time he has.  The poor man values money greatly yet he does not chase it with the same passion and sits quietly bathed in a surplus of time.

By Direction

Without questioning, without rebellion, and without an opinion, the ocean does exactly what God designed it to do.


Celebrating Christmas without knowing Jesus is like singing happy birthday in a restaurant to a person at a party three tables over that you never met.

The Path

If you are not living your life according to God’s plan, you are on a detour from your life’s purpose.

Sinless Perfection

A fellow asked me, “If you are a writer, why do you have so much dirt under your fingernails?” I told him, “My yard has weeds in it as much as anyone else’s.”


It is better to feign ignorance when you possess knowledge than it is to feign understanding when you have none.


Jesus accepts us even when we find that unbelievable.


I don’t think enough about getting back out in nature. We are surrounded by freeways, streets, signs, and buildings, all of which are very useful. They are utilitarian, but they are man made. Only out in the desert, on the ocean, or hiking in a nearby woods am I in the presence of the things which God made for our pleasure. Sights, sounds, smells, breezes, and wonders touch us in a way that no asphalt, glass, or steel can.

G g g g GOD

No matter how we picture Him, He is still more.


You can make a bowl of glazed clay, wood, silver or gold. They all perform the job. We are, each of us, unique in this world of 7,000,000,000 persons, and God can use us with our specific individual skills for His purposes.


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