What About Bob


What About Bob

So many of you have been enjoying these articles for years now that I felt it was time to let you know a few important things.     I’ve been asked if I write all the articles and the answer is Yes. I’ve been asked if I take all of the photos and the answer is No; just most of them.

There are now about 850 of you reading these and this brings up an important point.   If one of my articles hits you right between the eyes, or falls off the horizon, because it does or does not relate to you, please don’t take it the wrong way. I rarely write an article with a specific person in mind.   If you are so chosen, it will likely only be a private communication between you and I.

With my eighth book in progress, you may be interested in seeing some of that material. At the website: AGuyNamedBob.com you will find five of the books in EBook format. That site professes to make them available for sale but I assembled it so poorly that it is almost impossible to do it.   I am not a website designer. So if you want one of them just send me an email, I will forward you a copy, and you can buy me an In-N-Out burger another day and grace me with a visit.

There are about 600,000 books written in English globally each year, about 50,000 get published in print, and about five books make their author enough to live on for two years at their current lifestyle. I am not in this for the money. I make my living helping families in North County San Diego with their real estate transactions. I am never too busy with my writing to neglect those clients whose business makes it possible to spend other time creating articles and books for your pleasure.

You can find me most Sunday mornings attending to my other passion as an Usher at North Coast Calvary Chapel in Carlsbad, California. Stop by sometime and just ask for Usher Bob. My favorite charity is Red Cross Blood Services and I encourage you to participate. It is still the most complex liquid on the planet and there is no substitute for it when you need some.

I am grateful to Mark Embree, a retired high school English teacher, who corrects my punctuation and grammar each week. Also to Larry Lewis, who listens to an auditory reading and helps me find redundancies. Those of you who respond, and sometimes the responses are longer and more interesting than the articles, I truly appreciate the feedback. That blessing is completely unnecessary, as is the compulsion to read every article.

So please just enjoy the articles and share them with anyone who could benefit from the information and messages that they contain.

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