Visions                  May 2017

When I need to change lanes on the freeway I look over my shoulder to see if there’s a car or truck or anything in the lane into which I am moving. After all these many years of driving I realized that I shouldn’t be looking for a car or a truck or a bus, I should be looking for something that is Not moving. Because, if I look over my shoulder and I see landscape or buildings whizzing by, then that is obviously not a car. However, if I see something stationary it doesn’t matter whether it’s a car or truck or bus or what color it is. Then I know that there is something there with which I don’t wish to collide.

When it rains, and I look at the drops on my windshield. That is something which is way too close to keep focused upon while driving safely. My gaze must only occasionally glance at the up-close items like the speedometer, rain drops, dead-center bug hits, and the gas gauge. Most of my viewing time should be upon the road ahead and those who are driving it with me.

This concept of where and how we look is often colored, and seriously so, by our own experiences, thoughts, and interests. The swamis say to clear your mind. We find this almost impossible, though we understand that our “baggage” may be keeping us from seeing things in a new light. We are created and then conditioned to place everything we see in the context of all that has come into view in our unique past.

If you look at the photo realistic art of Erik Johansson you quickly see that he has planned all that he accomplishes. Often, we do not “have” relationships as much as we create relationships. We pour into the other person our gifts, and love, and talents to make what we have together a better thing.   The hard part is creating while having a plan, but without high expectations. That is quite a challenge. The difference is in letting God play His role in our process.   Remember, He knows better than we do where this is going to go.

In my business I have worked with a few divorcing couples. Frequently the long-invested-years breakup is not so much from things that have happened, but from things which did not. By a certain point in life, one partner has decided that not enough progress had been made. Their expectations have not been fulfilled. Usually, they possess and enjoy a great deal more than they did when they started: children, grandchildren, wealth by global standards, excellent food, and health.   Yet, the benchmark projections that they set were not achieved. They are looking for something over their shoulder instead of continuing to look forward.

Erik Johansson said, “It is easier to create a place than to find a place. Then, you don’t have to compromise the ideas in your head.” Every time that we create our place in the world, it will be better and easier than finding that place.   Most likely it does not exist “out there” but rather it is “in here” within me. When I journey to “find myself” I have packed the discovery into my suitcase and will carry it with my hands which search, tracked by these ever seeking eyes.

We must be more clear about what we are looking for and use excellent vision to discern what we actually see. This clarity will guide us toward all that God has offered, and planned, for our lives.



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