Time Loop

Sun Shell 77


Time Loop               May 2017

Maybe we have this whole life concept backwards. I know that I tend to believe that God must think in the same manner which I do. I see time as linear, where He sees every hour and every day of every time, all at once. My pattern causes me to take things in a certain order, which is highly appropriate to my species. Perhaps God has other plans for us.

What if the purpose of this life was very different from how I think? Consider the classroom and the teacher. She has two major agendas running simultaneously. We suppose that her main purpose is to train the kids for the life they have coming up as adults. While she knows the importance of that, she must also keep them focused and obedient to the rules of the school as the larger goal of life preparation continues. You cannot accomplish the one without the other, and they are complementary. Not just knowledge of alphabets and algebra but also an understanding on how we work together as teams in the workplace and in our families.

The teacher would not just train for academic behavior without the far reaching, longer-enduring purpose. Sometimes classroom conduct is the only thing that can be taught because the students or the classes as a whole are so disruptive and rebellious.   Like riding the Octopus at the county fair, you have to stay in the car buckled up or you cannot ride. The seat belt is quickly forgotten but its function has not changed.

So, what if God’s purpose for us has these same two components? Are we in class for our four-score and seven years specifically to train us how to behave on Earth or in Heaven? Our chief concern is that we are being trained only for this life and that Heaven is just some highly organized, all compliant place where every citizen, every saint, is just like every other. Now THAT would be just as boring as the concept of sitting on a cloud and playing a harp all day. Because God knows where we need to be educated and in what fields, He provides life experiences to us for that training. Remember, “God works all things together for his good.”   (Romans 8:28)

Being in the Word by reading our Bibles keeps us focused on the curriculum. Being in fellowship keeps us engaged with our future neighbors for the heavenly realm. Listening to our pastors and study facilitators provides the knowledge we need.   Our joys and crises in life bring added wisdom.

Too often we focus on this life, this class room, when it is the afterlife, the Heavenly life, which should be our goal and destination.   It is amazing what hardship you can put up with when the BH, Bachelor of Heaven degree, you will receive is at that level. Now back to class; the bell is ringing.

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