Snippets 13

Snippets 13

Snippets 13                               May   2017


A married couple’s bed does not move around on the floor. They balance each other because he slides in from one side and she from the other. A single person’s bed is in constant motion, from entry, through each toss, and the morning exit.

Straight On

The American flag is most visible when a strong wind straightens it out.


I rarely lose sleep over spiritual matters. The thoughts which pester me come from the things of this world.

The General

Military is the strength which we gather in order to avoid war.


The parking lot speed bump does not care that I was in a hurry.


You cannot legislate people into a new belief.


A strong belief will always survive a strong action against it.


God did not prohibit gluttony because the earth was going to spin off its axis.  His directives are for our health and happiness because He only desires good for us.  They are not some “natural order of thing’s” guideline for the planet.  They are individual and lovingly given.


If you build a boomerang instead of a spear when you throw it the things will always come back. So too with your children, straight or bent they will make it away or back home.


Just the memory of the foxhole and shells flying overhead will one day be enough to bring you back to those same prayers.

Crossed Up

Working with a friend on two computers, I realized that I was trying to use my mouse to control his cursor.

Also Crossed Up

As Tony Evans puts it: instead of using God’s Divine GPS, I was using my own set of directions. Now I don’t know how I got lost!


The order of things: Creation, History, Eternity.  Any questions?


Wilson Mizner on his death bed to a priest, “Why should I talk to you? I’ve just been talking to your boss.”


There are a billion people in the world that would love this lunch which I find boring.


The truck driver that pulls over every time a bug hit’s the windshield will take 10 times as long at three times the cost to get where he’s going.

Whether or Not

The sun will rise tomorrow, regardless of my belief in that fact.


Faith is a pipeline that I open so that God’s grace can flow into me.


You cannot forgive yourself for the harm done to others. Only they can forgive you of that. You cannot be washed clean from your transgressions no matter your contributions. Only Jesus can do that. You cannot forgive yourself for sin.   Only God can do that.

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