The Marine Corps Him

The Marine Corps Him

The Marine Corps Him                           July 2017

I was wounded when they threw me into the med wagon and must have lost consciousness right after that. I woke up laying in the ditch by the road and now it was dark. The van must have hit an IED because there were pieces of it all over me. Maybe shock was setting in because I felt better. Couldn’t think of anything except getting back to my platoon. In the distance I saw flashes but the wind must have been pushing the sound away. Couldn’t tell if it was artillery or lightning. Didn’t matter because I couldn’t control either one and both were bad news

By sunrise I knew I was close, then this fool of a reporter walks into the road.  He said, “Young Marine, do the dangers of war cause you to have second thoughts about making the military a career?”

I grinned an all-knowing smile and gave this answer:  “We were outnumbered, out gunned and untrained when I enlisted the first time at Tun Tavern in 1775.  We won that one.  On the desert in Tripoli we cooked eggs on the top of empty ammo boxes.  Man it was gritty but I re-upped.  We won that one, too.

I had the chills and shin splints at Belleau Woods in World War One but my Sarge told me he’d buy me a bourbon if I re-enlisted.  I did and we prevailed on that field.  When the Chinese charged us in Chosin Reservoir, they had us ten to one.  I was the last one alive, still clutching these globe and anchor colors when Chesty Puller and his guys relieved me.  We won and I signed up again.

I was wounded in Quin Yon, Beirut, Grenada, Tuzla, Mogadishu, Kuwait City and Fallujah and every time I said to myself, ‘Self, those bad boys are still around.  You gonna re-up or just go home an’ take it easy?’  Every time I said, ‘Let’s go get ‘em!’”

The journalist stood in stunned silence and finally asked, “When will all this end?”

This young Marine looked to the horizon and said, “One day Jesus is coming back to take all the believers to Heaven.  That will be the start of my last hitch.  I want to battle the forces of pure evil.  I’m going to ask Him to leave me here so I can pick a fight.  By the way, I heard we’re going to win that one, too.”

Semper Fidelis Deus

USMC Brat Bob Bekins


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