Snips 2



Snips 2                                     Summer 2017


“When Methuselah had lived 187 years, he became the father of Lamech. . . .   Altogether Methuselah lived 969 years.”   My son was born when I was 36.   Many people these days have children when they are in their teens and 20’s. Compared to Methuselah, we are still children ourselves at that point.   No wonder we have so many challenges while trying to do something for which we have no training and in most cases little experience. In the centuries leading up to our own, there would have been other family members living with us that would have given good counsel on how to handle the inevitable incidents. At 19, even then, we wouldn’t listen to them because we were already saying, “I know everything.”

Left or Right

When it was all about what I wanted, when it was I, me, my, and mine, I didn’t have any problems figuring out what to do. Just proceed toward whatever gave me the best advantage, made me happier, added to my pile, or tickled my fancy. I wrote with my right hand and did little with my left. As I came to know my purpose on this earth, a general understanding that I was here to help others more than helping myself, I began to be confused about something. When I look at another person face to face, his right hand is on my left and his left hand is on my right. I began to be confused about my own right and left. Just telling you this as a warning that the enemy will get into the corners of your life and try to mess you up in ways that are so creative you never imagined that there would be an opportunity for him there.


Writing about trending paint colors: “2017 Color of the Year. ‘Poised Taupe celebrates everything people love about cool gray as a neutral, and also brings in the warmth of a weathered, woodsy sense of coziness and harmony that people seek,’ says Sue Wadden, Sherwin Williams Director of Color Marketing.”  We have gotten too far away from the nurturing influences of the 1800’s.   Family is so old school, enduring friendships are passé, and every business relationship seems to hold a hint of suspicion. When we must turn to paint colors to bring coziness and harmony into our lives we had better think about returning to the things that gave us pleasure back in the day.

A Little Off

Think about the singer who is just a little bit off on a note; as the song moves, she slides right into perfection, hitting it exactly. I think that if someone were able to sing the precise note it would sound much like a machine. Done as part of a series of notes it would be unerringly so. It is the human inaccuracy, a small difference from the exact note, that makes it that of a creature not that of a machine.   It becomes “real.”   Because we attempt, we both err and succeed. Fearing the error we may never attempt. Go for it.


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