Wish List

Wish List


Wish List                            September 2017


Here are a few things that I want:

* No more wars anywhere in the world

* The ability of people to elect their own government

* No more hunger

* Access to medical care for all

* No more divorce

* The complete elimination of sexual abuse

* No more diseases

* Educational limits set by the individual’s ability


Now you can quickly see that the world is not going to cooperate with my desires. It just takes one megalomaniac to mess up the war scenario. A bully can make another hungry by stealing his rice. One grass-is-greener spouse will destroy a marriage. Money wasted on bad government could have been used for education or medical care. Finding ways to put every able bodied person to work, one man or one woman at a time, solves so many physical and psychological challenges.

In Extreme Ownership author Jocko Willink asks the ultimate question about warfare. “What is winning? …not winning in the traditional military sense…no surrender….no peace treaty… Winning here meant only that Iraq would become a relatively secure and stable country.”   He understood that the goal was to move violent trouble makers out of the neighborhoods and lives of the ordinary citizens. It is the common people that are hit the hardest in warfare. They starve, they cannot move about safely, medical help is scarce, and fear is a constant. How like our world today where the common person is starved for the truth, stuck in his life, lost without a cure, and almost always in fear of the next set back.

What is possible for me in the face of all of this overwhelming chaos? I can feed one person. My ability to maintain a marriage is at least 50% up to me, perhaps more. Sharing my knowledge about history and character with children can go a long way. Befriending a person in assisted living with a much anticipated visit that will lift their spirits for an hour or two every week. When I support a candidate for office I am claiming more than just my right to vote. Forgiving the wrongs done to me eliminates warfare on a very personal level.

Let me be perfectly clear about the big picture. Our chaos is going to increase, especially if we are in the end times. Our assignment was never about solving the big questions. Only God can deal with consequences of that magnitude. The end will come, the Messiah will come, the antichrist will come, and all of it will roll out just like Daniel envisioned. Knowing how it all ends makes our simple assignments manageable on a daily and hourly schedule. When we are confronted with what seems to be a so-called failure, we should take heart that done with the right motivation we have moved the needle just a little more toward the positive. Our enthusiasm to accomplish good is a gift from Him. When the hurricane is sweeping over our mental house we turn to Psalm 46:10 – “Be still and know that I am God.” When the hurricane has passed, we put on our work gloves and start the hard labor of cleaning up the messes around us. Corinthians 13:7 “Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

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