Snippets 14

Snippets 14

Snippets 14                            September 2017

Babe Ruth

“Yesterday’s home runs won’t win today’s game.”


I can pile quite a bit of food on my fork but eventually it will be too much and most of it will avalanche off.

That Moment

Acceptance of the Messiah has nothing to do with morals before the event and almost everything to do with it afterward.

Match Play

Trying to fit your spiritual life into the secular life of this world is like picking a green ball with which to play golf. It fits in perfectly but you can never figure out where you are with it.


Me trying to understand everything on my own is like the clicking up the first hill on the roller coaster. Giving all my heart and understanding over to God is the downhill run on the other side.

Weak but Willing

We don’t graduate to God’s service after reaching a certain level of education or experience. He assigns us appropriate tasks as life goes on and THEN provides what we need to accomplish His choices. We must only be willing to listen and then do.


The greatest release of a slave is the release you give yourself from things that are not helping your life. Everything that harms us would naturally be rejected in a perfect world. Because we are addicted to something – from TV to Facebook to drugs including alcohol – we keep it in our lives. We are enslaved by the very things which hurt us.
The primitive person in the jungle does not go into the piranha filled river.


Carrying two hundred pounds of emotional baggage will slow your life to a crawl. Let go of the past and get on with your life. The future has the same amount of promise today as every day in your history.


I find myself changing my story just slightly to make me look better. God takes us just the way we are. No story necessary.

Organization Chart

The corporate sales manager loses sleep over the quarterly report. The clerk just fills the order and goes home at night.

The Chain

As you were drowning a hand reached down and pulled you up. As you gasped for that first breath of air, another hand reached up to you from someone else who was about to perish. In your own strength you could not, but because your hand was still held by a greater one, you could.


Jesus lived in a conquered nation under the hand of an occupying army. That didn’t stop him from getting his message out. What will you do with that message today?



We rate what we do not have as a “10” while we rate what we do have as a “5.”   Then when we obtain what we did not have, we soon rate it as a “5” and what we did have as a “6.”   Our natural human condition is to want, to desire. God said to accept and be grateful for what you have and He will give you more. The grass is greener where it gets watered.


Rebellion feels good because it tricks me into believing that I am in control, that I am powerful.   The leader against whom I rebel laughs and thinks, “just wait ’til you see what happens next.”


It is easier to pray when you are not holding your breath until “THIS” or “THAT” happens.

TwO wOrLdS

TsHpEi CrAiStT iLsE eIxSp SrUeRsRsOeUd fNrDoEmD tBhYe Ah eMaOrAtT. (read the caps then the lower case.) They exist concurrently in time and space.

Going it Alone

You can cut your own hair, but everyone will know it. Every project which does not wrap itself into God’s will and a benefit to others, will fail on one or more levels.

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