Commandment Removal

Commandment Removal

Commandment Removal                                   September 2017

When I look at the concept of removing the Ten Commandments from the courthouse and the schools of the USA, I wonder about the reason for this. When one rejects something you must reject it on the basis of content. If the content is a form of excellence, and you remove it anyway, then there must be some prejudice against those who wrote it.   So let’s look at the commandments one by one from the perspective of someone who wants to be relieved of them.   Let’s call him Taylor.

Taking them in no particular order, let’s start with thou shall not kill. Taylor says, “I want this removed not so much because I want to kill anyone specific at this moment in time, but that I might want to kill someone in the future.”

The commandment to honor your father and your mother. Taylor, “How on earth am I to make progress if I have to do what my parents tell me? They know nothing important about this day and age. If I’m going to get ahead, I need to ignore what they tell me.”

The one about stealing. Taylor says, “Of course I’m going to steal. Everyone steals. It’s the only way to get wealth. If I can’t steal, I’m going to be poor. The old rules about who wants what are outdated. It’s easy to see that if we followed those rules everyone would be equal.   It would be socialism. It would not motivate me. Why would I strive if I can’t get from the other fellow what I want for myself?”

Commandment honoring the sabbath. “I read in the history books that the stores actually used to close on Sundays.   I don’t know how anything got done.   That’s the only day of the week that I have to shop for cars, clothes, and groceries. In church?   Ridiculous. Why would I waste my day with that? They just talk about what is right and wrong. I’m free to choose for myself about that.”

The commandment about coveting. “I am very motivated by wanting what I don’t have. The only reason I know that I don’t have it is because my neighbor does.   He had better take care of his wife because if I want her, I can get her.”

About adultery (extra sex outside of marriage.)   “We had sex before we got married; how else would we have known about each other.   One day she will be fat, and I may want to try on someone else. It is just normal now.”

Lying. “My neighbor lied about me, and when it is time for revenge, I have my rights, too.”

No idols, no other gods, cursing God. “Hey, it’s a free country. Don’t tell me what I am supposed to believe and do about my god, if I want one. I know it doesn’t say the Christian god, or the Jewish god, but you can just tell that is what they are talking about.”

Author’s NOTE:   Every one of the ten is found in the holy books of every religion in the world. The fabric of society is woven from these laws that protect family, property, individual rights, and faith.   Without them, you end up with chaos. If we ignore them, we will have a very different world in which to live.   Darwin would have been proud of the survival of the fittest and those who dominate.

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