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Tracks                                 October  2017

Many years ago my favorite musical group was called The Association. I saw them live in concert on a college campus and was amazed at the precision which they had in presenting their songs. Back in 1966 a group’s song would be recorded in the studio in one shot. The Association’s level of exactness was truly necessary to become great. Listening to the recordings of bands now, though it may sound just as clear, they have been assembled by laying down the efforts of smaller groups on individual “tracks.” Different artists: drummer, lead guitar, bass, keyboard and the singers may be recorded in separate sessions and will then be combined. So what is it that keeps them unified enough to do this? It is the pounding of the drums. Acting individually, one can “march to the beat of his own drum.”   However, when one is in a group, there has to be some unifying element. Without it, there is chaos.

Often in the world of spiritual matters we find ourselves questioning the originality, the entertainment value, and the freshness of a pastor’s messages. We become bored and want something more. Different music, different friends, and different buildings call to us. The “more” which we seek is a form of following the ingratitude which is so prevalent in the world these days. Is it a wonder that there is so much turmoil as people seek what they do not have and destroy what is theirs in the wake of the changes?

Who says that your needs have not been met where you are now? Perhaps the reason you should stay is not about you. Maybe your staying is the unifying element necessary for greatness.   Possibly it is merely time to give back more than you are taking away with you. You establish the corporate music by becoming the heart beat for the group. The music is less complete when one track is taken away.

So before you consider abandoning what you have, count the value of every part of it. Is leaving those things and those people worth the risk of what you may or may not gain with the transition? Here are some basics that have always worked over a long period of time. Keep reading the Good Book.   Keep attending the church of your choice and its fellowships. Most of all keep praying for the guidance that is always there, unchanging, everlasting and lovingly yours.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: My dear Readers.   Do you know someone in a distant land? These articles are now read in the US, China, The Philippines, and Mexico. There are over a thousand readers receiving them directly each week by email, snail mail and some hand delivered. The number that are passed on is unknown. If you would like to be a conduit to a foreign country please feel free. You can get rough translations done at the website Here is the French version from Bing of the last two sentences for instance: Continuez à fréquenter l’église de votre choix et de ses bourses. Surtout continuer à prier pour la guidance qui est toujours là, immuable, éternelle et affectueusement la vôtre. So if you know that someone far away, please send these on.


Kindest regards, Bob.

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