Everyone                            October 2017


Within me is every virus that ever lived

My blood contains every cancer

All the sin that ever was is in my mind

The hungers of each form of greed are there

The offenses from the beginning to the end

I pause too long before helping my fellow man


Yet, I do not murder or steal

I hold each heroic act in my heart

My lust for that beautiful woman does not rise up

The diagnosis of carcinoma has not hit my ears

I am satisfied with what I have

The plagues, and floods, and fires pass by my house


Endowed with personal will,

what is it that causes me once to

follow the light and the next to ignore it?

Was it the enemy of man who pushed me

to say that true thing which hurt another?

Does God’s will respect my desire to perform heroically?

When all about me came down with the flu

why not me?


This total uniqueness is a mystery to me

How am I surrounded by every fact yet I miss the point?

It seems I create a sentence from thin air

then I can’t remember my last thought.

I am everyone and no one in the same moment in time.


I feel the pulse of my own power

just as I am numbed by the human masses which surround me.

Because God sits between each molecule in my body

I am one with the universe.

Because Christ resides between each thought

I am crucified and resurrected with Him.

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