Portal            January 2018

My friend Jim asked, “Did God put a piece of himself in us? Do we have to prove our worthiness to retain said piece? Does He take the piece back if we fail?”

My response: “Yes, Jim, God did leave a part of himself in us when he made us. He left a portal; kind of a door. It’s purpose is a passageway through which He can travel. It is never removed. It is as permanent as our lungs, our heart, and our brain.”

Just like the breath in our lungs, God Himself can go into and out of us through the portal. One of my favorite hymns is called You are the Air I Breathe. “You are the air I breathe, you’re mighty presence living in me.” God in our lives is a moment-by-moment thing just like each breath we take. We choose to have him in us when we think of Him. We push him out when we don’t think of him or consider other alternatives. However, He never removes the portal.

We don’t have to earn the portal. It comes as standard equipment in each of us. There is nothing you can do that will take it away. Nothing that you can do will make it larger or smaller.

In God’s economy we do good things not to build a portal, but we do them because we have invited Him in through it. His presence inspires us to greatness and to gratitude for the ability and desire He has given us to help others. What a luxury it is to give. There are  situations where we fight for existence and giving is not possible. At least we don’t think it is possible. Living in troubled relationships, battling cancer, surviving with low income are just some of those arenas.

Yet, even there we find “givers”. Those special people are blessed by the presence of God because they have invited him through the portal. You have heard that there is only one unforgivable sin – cursing the Holy Spirit. This is slamming the door on the portal after shoving God out. Because sin is anything which separates us from God, we literally have asked Him to leave us alone by cursing him out the door. Yet, still, the portal is there.

He is love. He does not stay where He is not wanted like some obnoxious guest who won’t leave our house. It is by the free will of our invitation that he comes and goes. He does not force us to choose him, though he could. He knows that forced love is not true love. This matter of personal choice is the second most precious gift He has given us.

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