Snippets 16

Snippets 16

Snippets 16                               January 2018


The Holy Spirit can use the wind to move your life’s sailboat. Sometimes that wind can be very, very strong.


No matter how slowly you pour the poison of judgments onto a person, eventually the cup of bitterness they hold will overflow.


Faith is the builder of a kite when there is no wind in the forecast. – Dan Kasperick

A Writer’s Life

I can burn my lunch faster than I can get one idea written on paper.

The dishes pile up in the sink faster than new book ideas come into my head.

That perfect sentence can disappear from my memory faster than a change in the colors of the stoplight where I sit.

Fellow Travelers

The bar and liquor store across the alley from the casino are not there to celebrate the winners.


My teeth are never more carefully brushed than the day I go to the dentist.


If the forgiver gains more than the forgiven, then God must be incredibly blessed. – Randy Mead

The Results

The Christian who knowingly sins re-nails the Son of God to the cross and lifts him up to mocking and public shame.


You do NOT want to know what will happen to our country when we completely remove God from our nation and His protection is no longer available to us.


Not every hero is a gentleman.  Not every gentleman is a hero.  Though it lies within each of us, the calls for heroism are infrequent and instantaneous. The answer to that call depends on the heart and courage of the called person at that moment. The answer may deny every aspect which one would consider normal for that person, including self preservation.


Our opinions are like the shadows cast by powerlines on the true highway. They have no impact on the road and practically none on other folks who hear them.

Future Truth

All truths are about past events. There is only one future truth.   God and what He promised will always be.

Baby Work

I don’t know why they call it a pacifier. It’s the first time in life that you work for something and get absolutely nothing for it.

Right Here in River City

Despite my current problems, at least I am not being sawed in half.


You can read the Department of Motor Vehicles manual but are you driving according to what it says?   – Jon Templeton

You can stand in the garage all day and it won’t make you a car. – Anonymous




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