Dad’s Record Player

Dads Record Player


Dad’s Record Player                         February 2018

When I was born, I was the first male child of my generation in the family. My Dad was so happy that he went out with his pal Gus Perino and got seriously snockered to celebrate. Somewhere during that evening they found themselves in a record store.   From their selection you could tell they were “four sheets to the wind” as they used to say. They brought home albums by Bennie Goodman, Spike Jones, Telemann, The Polka King, The Andrews Sisters, and Tchaikovsky.

Thus left in my crib with stacks of LPs (vinyl) dropping down, I was trained in the full breadth of music. Mama said it gave me a sense of music without discrimination for the difference between quality and something she called disaster. She may have been referring to Spike Jones.   Anyway, I love music. All music.   Well, all except one. Just couldn’t take opera, one of Dad’s favorites, he especially liked Pagliacci. I sang in the church choir and did my final gig in the Navy Bluejacket Choir in 1968.

Here are some of my favorites with links to their best:

Linda Ronstadt – the first half


Ry Cooder


Karen Carpenter


John Williams


Paul Simon

Indiana Bible Choir



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