Consciously Eternal

Consciously Eternal

Consciously Eternal                                   February 2018

It would be humorous if it weren’t so sad. Most people strive and sacrifice to have a nice place to live. They work overtime to keep it when they find that home, climb the ladder of success, sometimes over the backs of fellow employees, and sleep through a second job, or start a company in their “spare time;” all for the better home. Yet when they find it, buy it, and have it, very quickly they find another that is slightly better. Within a year or two they begin to work harder still to move up.

Let’s look for a moment at what the last article Consciously Persistent said, that we are unique in all the world. I would add that we as our spirit being are also eternal.   Oh, I may see someone that looks like me (I have) or hear someone that sounds like me, that internal sound that only I hear when I speak or sing (I have.) There is no one, however, who is actually a duplicate of me. Certainly there is no one who is a duplicate of my spirit. It is that spirit which has been known to God and known to me since the beginning of creation. In this life I do not remember the time before I was born into this world. And, it is promised that I won’t remember this life when I move to the next.   “No more tears, no pain, no sorrow.”   There will be a memory erasing loss of “the-grass-is-greener on-the-other-side-of-the-fence” illness that plagued us during our days on earth.

We are promised an eternal home in heaven by Christ. “I go to prepare a place for you.” Given the amount of time we spend here, which can seem very long indeed under certain conditions, how much more should we consider the thousands of years we will spend in Heaven or Not Heaven.

There’s a new TV series called Altered Carbon. It has to do with people who are killed and later given another body. When that body is used up or worn out or destroyed they get another one. They call the bodies “sleeves.”

I find it very interesting that in this world many people connect the spirit with the body almost completely. When you ask them about their spirit, they usually describe it in physical terms. Emotions are often associated with the spirit even more than with the body. They say, “I feel spiritual,” “I am sad in my spirit about that,”

If that were completely true and the two are inseparable, then there is no point to the world of the spirit. Our bodies would pass away and so would our spirit. In Altered Carbon, it is only the “consciousness” (spirit) that transfers to the new body.   In reality they are completely together, yet individually separate in this life. Only in this life.

If you could isolate the body from the spirit in real time then you could also isolate the spirit from the body. If this were a physical reality, you could take the personality, the spirit of a person, and bottle it. You could then drink the spirit of someone as a prescription. The persistence of Steven Jobs, the energy of Mother Teresa, and the dedication of Jeffrey Dahmer would all be highly marketable.

No, that is not possible because the spiritual aspect of who were are does not have mass. There is no weight to it, no fragrance, no taste, no sound, no sight of it. It is as real, perhaps more real, than what we CAN sense. I say this because of its permanence. All that you know as physical reality will pass away, but your spirit will not – ever.   It has been in existence since the beginning of time, and it will be alive when time ends. It was perfectly designed, again, by God for each of us uniquely.

“We are already leading an eternal life.” –   Scott Marcus. He is right, and the unifying factor is the spirit. Your body is not eternal but the true you – the spirit – is forever. So when we consider our person and compare ourselves to others, we need, for sanity’s sake to hold a never-better-than-this attitude because of that perfection.

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