Word Control

Word Control

Word Control                                       March, 2018

In the early days of the Internet, a friend of mine saw what was coming and signed up for a bunch of website names. They could have included CocaCola.com, Greyhound.com, Wawanesa.com, because most iconic names were available. He calculated that very quickly the companies who would need those names would be coming to him and buying him out. He was right, but that paled when compared to what was going to happen in 2021 and later in 2029.

The convenience of the debit card all but put the concept of bank tellers out of business. You could do all of your banking by chipping your card through a reader to purchase, deposit checks, and transfer funds anywhere in the world. The natural progression of the debit card to the debit implant was just as   predictable as the development of the atom bomb from the blockbuster. In 2018, graphic recognition was finally perfected. Now you could verify your “self” through the scanning of your face, thumb print and eyeball. When coupled with the implant which was populating the world through Chipadurals Corporation, it became almost faultless.

The one concept, which no one could have predicted, was the registration of your “self” as a unique entity. That part was fine in its primitive state, but what happened next was a disaster.   Like Esau, who sold his birthright for a bowl of soup, people began to sell their “self” in the open market. Because there was still an overlap in implant commerce and traditional exchange, all of this didn’t seem very important at the time, especially in third-world countries where barter was the most useful trade mechanism. Later it would have a profound impact on how the world ran, where food could be obtained, and ultimately government control of everything.   If you owned a second self, you could buy double portions of restricted items like water rations, fuel rations, and recreational pharmaceuticals among other things. It was a form of slavery, ugly but successful.

In 2020, Chipadurals got onto the concept of the ownership of words. Yes, individual words became intellectual property. The rush to obtain ownership this time was shaped by well planned computer programs. When the “first issue” day came in 2029, Chipadurals Corp gobbled up all the important words within the first few minutes. It was already the largest computing company in the world so on that day they turned the full power of their system into a word acquisition machine.   Words like Author, Christian, Chocolate, Hindu, Daughter, Muslim, Jewish, Corporation, and Marriage were scooped up.

If you wanted to use those words, you paid. Oh, it wasn’t much, just 1/1000th of a penny but the sheer volume of it all was astonishing. By 2027 the developed world was doing ninety-four percent of its communications on the Internet. CC, as they came to be called, billed directly through the implants by tying each individual’s phones and other devices   to their system. They boosted this concept by offering an introductory rate of $9.95 to sign on, with “all of its conveniences.”

It didn’t take long, or much imagination, to see that the government had to get a piece of that monetary action. In 2031 congress passed a word tax, a self tax, and a facial recognition tax.   Because all of this had to be audited, the WordSelfAuditCommisson came into being. WSAC would come to be the second most powerful entity on planet Earth.   Yet still there was One more powerful, as there always had been .

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