Snippets 17

Snippets 17

Snippets 17                               Spring 2018


A single snowflake is one of the most beautiful of God’s creations. Five hundred million of them on the driveway, not so much.

Two Stories

1.  Love yourself, hate God, take what you can get and give nothing back unless you get some kind of credit for doing so, never change.

2.  Love God, accept His love for you, become a giver because it pleases Him, allow your heart to change to be more like Him.


Every man and woman thinks the first duty is to follow their own sense of right and wrong, even when it is incorrect by virtually all global standards.


Hell exists because God must have a place for the everlasting souls of those who reject Heaven.


In Italy each pasta has a different sauce appropriate to its shape. God’s approach to our relationship with Him is just as unique to our individuality.


In battle you will wish you had learned sword fighting by use rather than in books.


In today’s culture you cannot teach a new dog old tricks.

Civil War

Two identical trucks that have a head on collision will be almost perfectly and equally damaged.  People should realize this about their disputes, too.


A man that has a son begins to learn more about and understand his own father.

Define Progress

Human understanding of good and evil has never been greater, yet evil still exists and good, though in high supply, is not sufficiently recognized.


Not praying is like taking a ten hour coastal drive from LA to San Francisco with your best friend in the car and not saying a word the whole trip.


One’s life is not of opinions but of the actions which come from them.

Peace Talks

The war is won, but we must lovingly battle today as though we were going home tomorrow and taking the victims on both sides with us.


A child will eat dirt because a mineral is lacking in her body.  A man will partake of the filth of the world because something is lacking in his soul.

End Light

If you are on a curve in the tunnel you cannot see the light at the end of it.


In the shallow waters of difficulties the earthly metal anchor chain of support is long enough to do the job. In deep waters of great challenge only God’s anchor chain is long enough to stabilize what we are rolling through.

Full Control

I can pray about the things over which I seem to have no control.


Jesus was a good Jewish son, supporting his family for thirty years working as a carpenter while holding off until the time for his mission had come. Even He waited for God’s timing.

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