Commerce                               March 2018

God is not a commercial banker that you would you go to for a loan “X“ which you will repay with interest “Y“. If he were, and you asked for $1 million, he could easily respond, “What happened to the billion dollar deal I gave you? The one where I gave my only Son for you? The one that I guaranteed with the blood of my family? What have you done with that deal? “

Then we answer, “Not much, but I have been busy. Now my son is in trouble, and I am asking for your help God. If you do this for my son, I will pay you well with my time, my money, and my interest.”

To which God could reply, “Your time, your money, and your interest are on loan from me, your God. What else can you offer?“

Then, if we saw the truth, we would reply, “I have nothing to trade. There can be no commerce in the relationship between you and me, God. I ask your forgiveness.“

Then he would say, “I have forgotten about what you asked before as I stared at your transactional heart. Remind me again my child of what you desire. Ask me again from the heart in you I now see.“


God’s love is not a transaction. It is a gift. There is no better Giver.   There is no better Gift than a Messiah named Jesus, who literally took every bad thing I ever did and sweated blood while He prayed under the burden of my sins. Then He died in my place, and went to Sheol for three days where He comforted the ancient saints like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and took them up to Heaven. Yet like Him, with my acceptance of the Gift, I shall attain Heaven. He is my Comforter.


Happy Easter!



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