Motive                                     April 2018

Seven years ago I was disappointed by a couple. What they did was unjust, but I have mostly forgotten about it, perhaps only recalling the series of events every few months and then only for a moment.   I didn’t ever actively resent their actions or plan to do anything about it. Yet the other day an odd thing came up. A task put me in a position to make them feel guilty about the events of the past.   Of course, I didn’t do what had occurred to me, but it was my motivation that leapt off the table at me.

I don’t consider myself sinless, though I am well past the time of wanting to assault, trick, con, perjure, adulterate, and avenge. God shows me that I am still a sinner at heart by revealing the thoughts that led to my idea of guiltifying those who had wronged me. Trust me, they don’t think about it at all. They are not crippled by the injustice done. I can be, but have chosen not to feel mistreated.

One of the nicest things about Heaven is that all of this thinking goes away. Not only will I be unable to think selfishly, but I won’t even reflect about those kinds of thoughts. They will be wiped not only from my memory but also removed from my capabilities. You may be wondering about what might seem arrogance on my part, the fact that I am going to Heaven. So here is the truth and it is one that often confuses folks.

My admission to Heaven has absolutely nothing to do with how I lived my life. It is not dependent on me, except in one small regard. Only one moment in my life determined where I would spend eternity – opening the gift that Jesus offered to me, and to everyone for that matter. He said, “Those who believe in me, shall have everlasting life.” He didn’t say, if you donate a lot of money, if you are nice to people, if you live righteously, if you become a priest or a nun, or if you help widows and orphans. You may do all of those things, but that is not the golden ticket.   Our price for the ticket is only that we believe who He is – the Son of God, the Messiah.

Though I seek to lead a righteous life, my poor brain struggles on, bouncing back and forth between the dark side and the light side. All the while Jesus and the Father are watching and coaching, and I am sure occasionally having a giggle about some of my articles when I “get it.”   Gradually, I will think less and less about the unfair treatments from others and focus on the gift, the promise He made. Then on a particular day, poof, it will all change and the struggles of this world will be over.   I will be completely free to love and be Loved by the One who created the concept.

What a day that will be!


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