Snippets 18


Snippets 18

Snippets 18                                        May 2018


Drugs can cause a mechanic to lose his tools. They can leave a musician without a guitar and strip a father of his conscience. Using them can make a spouse spouseless. An unlocatable car can result from their use.


There was never a bigger enemy then Judas Iscariot, but Jesus washed even his feet.

Altar Ego

The only truly free person at Calvary was Jesus as He was nailed to the cross. They could not stop his love for those who persecuted him.   “Father forgive them. They know not what they do.”


If you don’t think you have what it takes, Jesus will take what you have and make something great.

Why Cross

I saw a 1/2 inch long earwig wiggling across a 30 foot street.  I just wanted to lean down and say, “Hey little buddy.  Why are you taking such a big risk to get to the other side of the road?  Things are going to be exactly the same over there as they are on this side.”  Happiness comes from gratitude, and nothing else.


Sometimes we allow the voice of the enemy to be louder than the voice of God.               – Danny Gokey

Last Call

When the bartender shouts, the alcoholic will rush to the bar. The pastor’s call goes unheeded which is far more “last” than anything the bartender could ever mix up.


Being at your wit’s end and knowing with certainty that things are out of your control are backstage passes to the concert of God’s presence. – Ellie Lugo

Teach Them Well

Undisciplined children are like shoes that are too loose.   Eventually they eat your socks.


When the escalator of your life stops there is no reason to be stuck, it has only turned into a set of walkable stairs.


Lower your expectations about others and let go of those expectations when you can’t.


Once you have let go of the old problem there is room for the new solution.


Allow grief to come in its waves.  You are a boat on an ocean of grief.  You cannot

dismiss it.


Jesus did not seek conflict.  He had sorrow for those who were about to torture Him.


A really good reason to keep a healthy lifestyle is to provide enough time for finding your life’s purpose, then doing it.


Spend 60% of your time enhancing your strengths and only 40% fixing your weaknesses.


Make a real difference in the lives of those immediately around you.

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