Winged Angel Cover art

Surrounded                                       September 2018

We live in two very different worlds. One is obvious, visible, and believable. The other is subtle, invisible and unbelievable. Which is more real? The answer is: neither. They are both as real as the hand on your arm and the hope in your heart.

When that lug nut finally breaks free on the motor mount. When the baby stops crying and sleeps through the night. When the last trace of the cold that has plagued you for a week quietly slides away. When just the right word comes to the author. When in your poverty, you find food that has been left by a friend.   When everything seems to be going wrong, and one simple thing goes right, giving you hope. These little miracles surround us every day and when we are in tune with the very-real spirit world, we can see them for what they are.

It is said, and I believe, that we are attended by the spirit of angels sent to help us every day.   They rejoice when we make the right choice. They sing when we repent of our sins.   They assist us when we are doing righteous acts. Their hands are helping us to push the shopping cart, the wheelchair, and the stroller when we are within God’s purpose for our lives.

If we can just know throughout our day that we are being observed as though we were the players on the field in a stadium, then we will be stewards of actions that will please our fans. They are there.   They are watching. More importantly, they are cheering for us to do the right thing.

They confound the demonic enemies which are trying to take us down. Angels protect us from those who would harm us. They cannot help those who deny them, but they can help those who believe. When you pray this morning or this evening, ask God to make you more aware of the angels who are protecting you. They are just as real as the man who cuts you off in traffic, the angry insurance adjuster, the co-worker who is trying to get you fired, and the burglar that breaks out the window in your car to steal what you just bought. Helped by an angel is not a metaphor. That help may be just as real as the very visible things that happen to you today.

So in your prayers be grateful and thank Jesus for the angels that surround you even now as you read this. Thank Him for the Holy Spirit he sent to comfort you in your times of challenge. And thank God with profound appreciation for all that you have.   “We have been made a spectacle to the whole universe, to angels as well as to men.” 1st Corinthians 4:9. See also Hebrews 13:2, Psalm 91:11-16, and if you really want to learn about this fascinating topic, go to AbeBooks or and find a copy of Angels, Gods Secret Agents by Billy Graham.



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