Paddle Out

Paddle Out

Paddle Out                                              November 2018

When heading out to the surf line, often there will be a drift or current. Most of the time in San Diego County the drift is north to south. If you paddle straight out, you will end up south of where you wanted to go.

Once out to the surf line, each experienced surfer has an idea about where the waves will break next.  To get to that same spot each time, the surfer looks on the shore and will line up two items, like a palm tree and a house, three streets up the hill. The surfer, using the same technique, might even look down the coast or up the coast to set the distance from the sand on the beach.

Life is like surfing. Alignment is important. What are the markers on which we fix our position? Where are we? Selecting those markers is a critical task. The nice car or home can be a marker whether we own them or just desire them. Or, are our eyes on the loving face of the Messiah that causes us to share that love with the hundredth person?

The surfer fighting the drift is just like all of us as we make our way through life. There are forces constantly pushing us off of the position we desire.   By calling on God for strength and relying on the guidance found in the Bible, we can adjust our course to suit the need.   By keeping our eyes on Him, we will not get lost.

When we use the things of this world for our alignment, we can achieve great success by the standards of the world from which they are drawn. Success and alignment are totally related to the realm from which they come.

If our desire, however, is for a personal relationship with the Father and the Son, then that determines which tree we use for our alignment.




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