Foxhole                                           January 1st, 2019

Imagine for a moment that you are a soldier. You are in a pitched, close-quarter’s battle with enemy troops nearby. Suddenly, the foxhole you are sharing with another Private, contains a live, ticking grenade. Your buddy throws himself on the grenade just as it explodes. He dies; you live. Clearly you have life because he gave his. How would you feel about your buddy? Well, in the war of the spirit, Jesus did exactly the same thing for you by going to the cross to die for your sins. You should have died, but He died for you so that you might live forever.

Isn’t it curious that you would completely believe that your Army buddy died for you and never forget it, but Jesus’ sacrifice escapes your full attention most of the time. One is no less real than the other.

How many of you were picked last for the team? How many of you have had your heart broken by a lost love? Did your father disgrace you at the very moment you needed support? You, like a soldier, have been wounded. Will that wound be what neutralizes you enough to take you out of the fight?

This warfare in the spirit world is upside down. You do not take lives and territory. You give life and space. That is precisely why it is so hard, because the enemy is fighting the other way. We triumph by not giving up, but by giving.   Not by shooting but by shouting.  Satan’s soldiers prefer to move by night, in silence, and stealth. We move by day, calling out openly. We leave the foxhole, and despite all opposition, go into the field of conflict.

In the book 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper he says, “God brings people into my life who need me or need to hear my message, giving me the opportunity to touch their lives.” Notice who brings the people. It is God himself. How can we fail when God not only assigns the mission, this song to be sung, but as well He brings the concert hall to us, with the audience in place ready to listen, slides the stage under our feet, places the microphone perfectly in front of our mouth and strikes up the band. Yet, will we perform? Stage fright often sets in. Did you know that Barbara Streisand has terrible stage fright? Despite decades of performances, it stays the same, and each time she goes before an audience she must confront and conquer that fear in order to accomplish what she has set out to do. What stops you? How can you conquer that?

You could have been born into poverty, a caste system, without hope or opportunity, but you were born free. You could have been born into unbelief, but you were either born into a Godly family, or found the Light on your own. You now have a responsibility to give back and share that extraordinary news about Life Forever in Heaven with those you love and those who are unlovable.

Make this the year that you boldly tell the world what you believe through your actions and from the heart of gratitude for the gift you have been given by the Son of God.

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