Acceptance Of

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Acceptance Of                                                    January 2019


Acceptable garden, restricted fruit rules

Accepted lifetime, rejected the laws counting ten

Accepted favor,   rejected the love

Prophets speaking, we killed them all


Then the Messiah and he too was slain

Brought nothing but love, received nothing but disdain

Taught how to live and help one another

All this they did try to cover in His blood


Now come we into this defined spinning globe

Ready to please men to get our reward

Turning our back on the One who set it spinning

After all this, who is really winning?


The devil walks around telling the lies

“It is alright to cheat a little on husbands and wives

Just don’t get caught or a price you will pay

But isn’t it worth it at the end of the day?


“For pleasure is what I guarantee to your years

don’t listen to others who pray through their tears

You only go around once so grab the gusto you can

For you are only once a woman or man.


“We all know there is no war going on

That rumor is for fools who want you to join in

They want you caught up in these stupid ideas

Professing to claim them as music to His ears.


“He, that God of ancient days, is no friend of man

He just wants to stop you from pleasures you have

He doesn’t love fun or sexy delight

For Him everything is black and white


“We all know that there are things not so bad

you’re not a murderer or someone who is sad

You are a celebrator of this great time called Life

So live it up today because tomorrow there is strife


“I don’t ask for much from you in exchange

I just want your soul and to protect you from pain

So indulge and embrace the great human race

Jump into bed, pour drink and drugs into your face


“Eat well and ignore those in need

Enjoy your riches, to them are you keyed

For what is life but a series of takings

Give nothing back from what you are making


“For soon enough this fun will be o’er

And that is what life is for.

So enjoy the pleasures and ignore the others

especially the ones who call you Sister or Brother.”


Another has spoken and He did say,

I am the Life, the Truth and the Way.

For you do not die and this is not the end.

You will live forever with an enemy or a friend


So choose the Light and ignore the short temptations

I love you, I want you to be with me always

Choose the good and ignore that Old Satan

for his pleasures are short lived, from you they’ll be taken,


I speak of a life in paradise everlasting

where the soul I share with you will be

Forget him and his years and come join Me

for Heaven awaits and it is totally free.


I love you, I want you, in the Glory Hereafter

For this life is short and often spells disaster

Come to the Light and know this for sure

You’ll live forever. decide where now, not after.



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