Attractive elegant young couple having dinner at the restaurant.

Levels                                               January 2019

Jason Loudermilch, a Christian, is driving his car, and out of the corner of his eye, he sees a girl jogging with her ample figure just barely covered by very short shorts and a sport’s bra. That first glance is a free pass. Let’s call that Level One.

Level Two – He looks again and excuses that with the phrase, “Look at God’s wonderful handiwork.”

Level Three – He stares and takes in all the motion, the curves, the color of her hair, the color of her shorts and top, the color of her skin, the ponytail.

Level Four – He thinks what it would be like to touch her and smell the fragrance of her perfume.

Level Five – He waves, and she waves back

Level Six – He decides that this is a great area in which to jog and chooses to go back there.

Level Seven – Over the next six months, he sees the girl often.   One day says, “Hey, I am headed that way myself. Mind if I jog along with you?”

Level Eight – One day they end their jog with breakfast. (Did I mention that Jason is married.)

Level Nine – They meet every Tuesday morning for breakfast.

Level Ten – They have breakfast at her house with the sexy dessert that follows.

Level Eleven – They are getting along so well that they decide to start living together

Level Twelve – She tells Jason that she is pregnant.

Level Thirteen – Though separated from his wife, Jason decides that divorce is the best course.

Level Fourteen – Jason and the Jogger decide to have an abortion, and he pays for it.

Level Fifteen – His children miss him, he files for joint custody, and wins.

Level Sixteen – Tension increases in the new home when the children are there. They decide it isn’t working out.

Level Seventeen – Jason goes driving again, looking for another area and another cute “jogging” partner.

AT WHAT LEVEL did Jason’s separation from God begin? At what level was he jeopardizing his relationship and his covenant with Christ who told him not to sin?

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