Snippets 19

Snippets 19

Snippets 19                                                   February 2019


The enemy does not concern himself with a sleeping watchman.


It is hard to see the truth when you are swimming in the mud of a lie.


God will take you so far out of your comfort zone that you won’t be able to see it anymore.


The fastest way to forget about your troubles is to help others through theirs.

Mark Foreman

The world is on the sea in a storm of change and doesn’t know the location of the harbor. We know the harbor and need to share it.


A thorn in your flesh is less prominent when you are doing the good works that God has called you into.


Iron sharpens iron.   Oatmeal rusts iron. Be iron not oatmeal.


Use gratitude like a shovel to dig up the blessings you’ve left buried.


Don’t argue with a 92 year old man about using a toothpick in public when he is talking to you through all of his own teeth.

St. Augustine Said

We are all restless until we find our rest in God.

The Writer

All movies are capable of a happy ending no matter how dark. That outcome is up to the script writer and the actor who follow the lines conceived or adlib toward that result.   We are the actors in the story of our life and how it ends is up to us and to the Writer of our script.

This is the Church

It is hard to fold your hands in prayer when your fingers are crossed.

Mighty Oaks

Our faith grows from the original seed by all the layers which we coat over it through prayer, studying the Bible, and helping those in need.


It is tough to be in the room with someone who has given you a great gift without thanking them.


Live like the Rapture is not happening today, but believe that it may be coming tomorrow.


The enemy’s greatest trick is to hide and let men think there is no war, there are no demons, and there is no sin. Though we must not judge, we still must show which actions are sins because they separate us from God.   It is hard to do this tenderly, but it must be done and done with love. The enemy counts on us not doing it.

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