Mood Music

Mood Music

Mood Music                                                  February 2019

My dear friend Marvin couldn’t hold a note in a bucket as the old saying goes. Standing next to him in church was an adventure as I tried to stay on key. I would say that he made a joyful noise unto the Lord. He did it with all his heart and vocal volume. Who could fault someone who cared that much about God and that little about what others thought of his efforts.

Music is composed of basically seven notes played at different levels. Isn’t it interesting that those seven notes can be combined to create a mood that ranges from frightening to joyful. We are swept away by musicals like The Lion King and Beauty & the Beast , a symphony like Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto 3, and movie scores such as Star Wars. I heard of a lady who was camping once and ran into John Denver.   He gave her a one person concert overlooking a lake at sunset; just the two of them. That would be a wow experience, wouldn’t it?

So how do we impact people with the noise or music that comes out of us? Do we speak with clarity and more importantly with love? Do they walk away with a hunger to spend more time with us because we made them happier than when we first met? Or do they sprint for the door to avoid judgment, advice, or complaints about what is going on in our lives?

Take this day and bring joy through what you speak. Find a time and place to share the wonders of the world with someone in your life that needs a lift. We are surrounded by beauty cloaked in clouds of   problems and disappointments.   First, we must see the lovely; then we can point it out to others. We can make others feel better, and I know that it will make us feel better along the way. Will they want to “play your CD” again?

My friend Marvin, now gathered as he is to the Lord’s side, is singing like an angel.   “Surrounded by your Glory what will my heart feel? Will I sing Hallelujah? Will I be able to speak at all?”   (I can Only Imagine)

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