Boat Ramp

Boat Ramp 2

Boat Ramp                                                    February 2019

Many people have boats but can’t afford their own dock or space in a marina. They buy a trailer and use it to take their boat to the lake, river, or the sea. Backing the trailer into the water is greatly facilitated by having concrete under the wheels instead of mud or sand, thus the invention of boat ramps. You can find them almost any place where recreational boating takes place.

When the level of the lake goes down due to a drought, the exposed concrete ramp gets longer and longer as the water gets lower and lower.  In really dry times, the water can drop so far that the bottom of the boat ramp is completely out of the water. When a true water famine comes, the lake might be 100 yards from the ramp. It is useless at that point.

When I was in high school in Raytown, Missouri, we played ice hockey on a frozen lake that was a half-mile long and a quarter-of-a-mile wide. One spring day while we played, the sun came out and warmed the soil along the shore. By the time we had skated until exhaustion, there was no ice between our “hockey rink” and where we had left our boots.   All we could do was to take off our skates and get through the last fifty feet of icy water, and rocks at the bottom to get back to the shore. We were completely separated from our usual technique for handling that kind of challenge.

We have moments in our lives when we are supported by simply-engineered things like a boat ramp or created elements like ice under our skates. When we are hungry food cures  that need. We catch a cold and out comes the bottle of orange juice or Nyquil. We run out of money, and then get a job. These are the boat ramps of our life. There are other times where we find the challenges are too far removed from the skills we have used before to solve them.

We are completely lost and our usual technique for handling problems is useless.
Losing a spouse can be like that. Getting cancer can be that. Getting fired from our job can change everything we know. What do we do when the “water” is out of reach? What do we do when disaster visits our uncomplicated lives with challenges we have never faced before?

That is the time to turn to the Great Healer, the Creator of every possible solution that ever existed. The greatest Lover you will ever know wants to comfort you through this ordeal. Recovery starts by completely giving up and realizing that we can’t fix this. Then God will show up. Ask Him to be there for you and He will. Pray.

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