Three’s                                                    March 2019

There are many instances of threes. Some combine to create or lead to something else. Others are in the same place at the same time. Most are natural progressions or natural combinations.   Take a moment and think about each of these and what they mean to you. All are gifts for contemplation, or trials, or testings, but all have meaning to us.

Pen, paper, book

Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Seed, plant, fruit

Sin, faith, Heaven

Brush, paint, art

Food, water, air

Heart, mind, soul

Health, wealth, happiness

Sun, water, soil

Mother, father, child

Birth, life, death

Adam, Eve, God

Fuel, oxygen, spark

Me, myself, I

Ice, water, steam

Strand, strand, strand

Star, planet, moon

Hot, tepid, cold

Root, trunk, leaf

Neutron, electron, proton

Love, ambivalence, hate

Fornication, marriage, adultery

Sleet, snow, hail

Tongue, breath, lips

Birth, death, Hell

Birth, death, resurrection

Birth, death, Heaven

Idea, pen, paper

Thief, Messiah, Thief

Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel

Past, present, future

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