by Bob Bekins
May 2019

The older I get, the more I understand that the love of God for me is only partly felt. If I could put a number on it, now is a 10 compared to eight years ago when it was a 1. The realization that asking for more of Him will take it up further is amazing.

Yet, even that pales because I have the suspicion that the upper number is more like 1,000. He has more for me than I can handle. I would be overwhelmed by all the love delivered at that level.

The Holy Spirit, which occupies the heart, is like that too. The more one feels the Spirit, the more it grows. His love is not like a drug which wears out and has to be increased to get a bigger high.  Your heart expands to accept more and more, and more of the Spirit. You don’t think you need more, but when you have it, you realize how much better life is at this new level.

Ezekiel talked about a rivulet flowing from under the temple, becoming a stream, and then a river. His description was about the growth of the Holy Spirit. Open your heart because no matter who you are, God in the three parts of the triune wants to give you more. More of God‘s love, more of Jesus’ love for others, and more strength and wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

When we accept all of that which is offered, we join John in the river as he baptized Jesus.   We are “there” as the Holy Spirit comes onto the head of Christ and there as God’s love flows into Jesus’ heart. It is exactly the same love He has for you and me. It is the same spirit, the same life. He wants you to have all that.

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