Religious Others

Religious Others

Religious Others                                             June 2019

When we look at the religion of another person it may be the path that God is allowing them to take to get to Him. This can be very difficult in a family and very frustrating. When someone close to us says something, or professors to believe something, that is so completely different from our understanding, it is easy for us to get angry, concerned,   stressed, or even combative about that. We must remember that each of us is on our own separate, unique journey to find our relationship with our Maker.

When I look at the last two presidents of our country it makes it very clear to me that God is in charge even in a nation where He has been rejected by many of its citizens. Barack Obama was a well educated, well spoken man who essentially had had jobs as a social advocate, and occasional teaching jobs in the university. The fact that he became a senator, a US Senator, was somewhat miraculous, but becoming the most powerful man in the world through election is pretty astounding when you think about it. President Trump didn’t even have any of those credentials, and essentially went from being a successful business person, to a TV star, to the most powerful man in the world. Only God could have engineered that, or at least allowed it in both of those cases.

Every nation in the world is governed by someone that God either placed there or allowed to be placed there. I’m not looking at this from a political standpoint, but only to point out that God is in charge. He did tell us that all things work to good because of that.

So who am I to criticize or make fun of someone else’s religion, even when I think it is completely wrong.

Moses became angry and called his people “marah” (disobedient) when they were complaining. God had told him to speak to the rock to bring forth water but he struck it instead with his staff, not once but twice. So Moses was being disobedient, too. Yet God could use that to bring about good and help His chosen people along their journey.

Isn’t it curious that the Ark of the Covenant has The Ten Commandments, a container of Manna, and Aaron’s staff; it does not contain Moses’ staff. It is our conduct in relationship to God that we must be concerned about while others take their own path.

Oh, we can pray for them. We can answer their questions, but I don’t think it is our job to interfere with their spiritual journey.   We need to respect what they must go through to find the truth and find it in a way that is just as special and unique as the ultimate person who God has called them to be. We are to share our beliefs but not at a level that they become noise in the ears of the hearers. Our lives should be the greatest testimony that we can “speak” of what we know to be true. If you reflect on your own journey, you will remember how personal it was for you or perhaps is still as the discovery continues. God loves each of us on this earth and we should share in love and watch what develops.

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