Boulders and Feathers

Boulders and Feathers

Boulders and Feathers                                          July 2019

Remember that high school experiment about volume or maybe you saw it on a documentary? They filled up a large glass jar with fairly large rocks.  Then they asked, is it full?  We said yes.   Then they poured in gravel.  And asked again, is it full?  Again we said yes. They poured in sand. And we said yes. And finally they added water, and we thought surely it’s filled now. Then they added salt.

The most interesting thing is that the heaviest objects are not the ones that sank to the bottom.  It was the smallest of the objects. The tiniest items got right down into the heart of things.   Additionally, the smallest of objects, the salt, penetrated into every possible area, coating it.

Sin is like that. Whenever we take the protective lid off of our heart and mind, it has a way of coming in.   It can be the smallest little lie, just 8 ounces more, or a stolen kiss that lasted a second. We think that nothing important happened and so we consider the slight transgression a success. Our “experiment” is in a large glass cook pot into which some people can see. Looking straight down into us, God can observe it all, though others may not see as clearly. Our heart and mind can be hidden from the world but not from Him.

When we get into trouble, we want God right beside us. The rest of the time not so much. Ideally, we want Him with us every moment. In a way, He is with us, but it is we who think that He is off somewhere in Heaven or in the World taking care of bigger problems. It is so easy to forget that He wants to help us with even the smallest of challenges and share in the tiniest of joys.

Which weighs more, a hundred pounds of boulders or a hundred pounds of feathers? They both weigh the same. The facility with which God can fix problems counts not upon the weight of the dilemma but rather on what we ask of Him. He wants us to ask. If it is an enormous “boulder-like” dispute, He wants to help. If it is a “feather-weight” question – yes, He still wants to help.

When I went to the University of Colorado, I was a mountain climber. I clung to the sides of University buildings to practice free climbing. I challenged the Flatirons which rise from 6,500 feet to almost another 1,000 feet above sea level. I was unstoppable; I had fantastic rock climbing partners who kept me a little safer than were I to attempt a reach on my own. Until that one day on the Second Flatiron. Dave Nelson had me roped for safety, but I was so far off to the side and above him I would have fallen over 200 feet if I “lost it.” I almost did. Except for a tiny piece of hard granite sticking out from the face, I would not have had anything on which to hold. It was no bigger than the first joint of your thumb.   The 45 minutes it took to traverse that one, eight-foot section was the longest hour of my life. The crazy thing about that climb is that as soon as I was finished I went over the top and was standing on dirt and safe. I felt light as a feather looking down on Boulder, Colorado. Our problems are just like that – boulders to us but feathers to God.

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