Commercial Faith

Commercial Faith

Commercial Faith
by Bob Bekins
July 2019
You wouldn’t get on an airplane if you thought it was not going to make it to its destination with you safely inside. My friend Robert was once on a hopper flight from a major airport to a smaller town. This plane was not an express. It made several landings before it got to the town where he lived. The wing of the plane was over the top of the fuselage.  Each time the plane would land the landing gear would rotate down out of the wing, a bar would come up to join the strut, and then a hydraulic pin would join the two. Robert’s seat on the plane was right next to this assembly as it came down. So each time he watched this operation. Just before landing in his town the strut came down with the wheel, the bar came up to join it, but the little pin just sat there.
Robert was not the kind of person that liked to get involved in problems. However, this time he knew that something was definitely wrong and it could have a serious impact on his future. He told the flight attendant, “THE LITTLE PIN DIDN’T ENGAGE!” The flight attendant said, “What little pin?” Not seeing a particular problem, the flight attendant casually informed the pilot.  The pilot came back and looked saying, “Oh my God, the little pin didn’t engage!“ The pilot’s faith was shaken because the flight attendant and he had totally relied upon that little pin doing what it was supposed to each time. They had misplaced faith in something mechanical.

When an entrepreneur decides to start a new business there must be a vision of what will happen when it comes to fruition. The entrepreneur has faith, commercial faith, that all which will be invested and done will have a good outcome.  Otherwise why would someone spend the time and effort?

A skeptic who says that the Judeo Christian faith is a waste of time does not have the vision of heaven that we understand. We can’t see it, smell it, hear it, or taste it but we know it is there. We know because our Lord told it was so. We believe Him. That faith causes us to do things that we would not normally do. In this sense we are entrepreneurs for the future of this great endeavor, our life of faith.

Our final landing is just like the one made by Robert’s plane. God is the wheel and strut coming down. Jesus is the connecting bar. The little pin, though it is small, is our faith that all will come together for our mutual benefit.  It takes all three to land safely in that place we wish to call our final home.   It transcends commercial faith because it is not earned. It is faith in our Lord and what He told us. It is faith in the genuineness of the gift He has given us by sacrificing himself to atone for our sins. Without Him to attach us to God, there is no connection. Rather than hearing, “I did not know you” it is better that our names are written in the book of life. Touch down.

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