Before                                                August 2019
( an excerpt from Bob’s next novel)
(We join a classroom filled with pre-born human spirits who are studying humanity.)
Anawibo teaching says, “Children, today we start your studies of individual Topics. Each will take a very long time to understand.   You have heard of the Whirl and soon we talk about that but not today. Let me tell you that in the Whirl you will think that you understand many things very quickly, but you will be wrong. A Topic that we spend many years studying here will be grasped completely by humans in minutes as they think time is running out for them. In a later lesson we will learn about a topic called Evil. Each individual human is the center of the Whirl. If the human is named Phil, we could call it a Philocentric Whirl. A Whirl centered around Phil. He denies this truth when asked but his actions tell a different story. Almost everything Phil does adds to Phil and not to others. Here lies the problem.
“If Phil controls everything and he chooses wisely every time, then he will not feel any evil or confusion. He will feel very powerful and wise and a genius from inside himself. If he makes mistakes, which take away from Phil, he will feel evil has interposed itself from outside of himself. Others did this to him, or time did it, or circumstances beyond his control. But if he is the center of the Whirl, how possible is this? Thus confusion.
“When Phil becomes a success, as you will call it, is he less confused or more confused? He will be more confused, but he will not understand his confusion. If Phil wants, seeks, and attains something now that he concludes to be good for him and it later turns out to be bad, then he will not be confused about it until the bad happens. He may never in his entire life realize that his decision was bad. So confusion is not there. Can you see that this keeps Phil from learning about bad decisions.

“Phil rushes from one bad decision to the next without finding his understanding, his happiness, or the love that he needs. As we study a Topic for a very long time, Phil almost never does. He is constantly in a hurry, perpetually confused, and that is not the worst of it. Phil’s sense of self comes from a constant evaluation of what he has gained in wealth, friendships, possessions, career, good children, and homes. He will abandon the enjoyment of what he has in order to obtain more. And when he has more, he will still not be happy. Phil never takes the time to stop and fully enjoy. All that he knows lies within his own head, then  he must be the reason that he is not happy. So it is Phil’s fault that Phil is not happy, and he blames himself.   Unfortunately, he cannot grasp this blame because of its truth and responsibility, so he blames others.

“So, class, you can see that he thinks he is the center and yet he acknowledges that things outside the center are empowered to change his life. This is very confusing for Phil. How can both be true? The answer is that Phil is not the center of his life, no matter what he feels. He is in the Whirl and is impacted by thousands of other humans who are just as confused as Phil. And all of these humans, bouncing off each other like pieces of Angel feathers blown about from time to time, over their years of ages, in the midst of other circumstances and chaos make up what we call History. But that is for another Topic to study in another year.”

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