Simple 2

Simple                                                   August 2019

I am a spinner. All night long as I sleep, I roll in one direction. My highly abused pillow, looking at the top of my head, sees a clockwise rotation. But since there are three axes, there are three directions in which I can move. I don’t move at all when it comes to the up-and-down directions in my bed. I know this because when I get out of bed, I sit up, turn, extend my legs, and my feet go right into my slippers, exactly where they were when I came to bed.   It’s very comforting to know that my slippers are going to be precisely on their spot on the floor.

The opposite of this comfortable feeling for me is like that time on a city bus in Rome.   Cindi and I had been married for just a few months and decided to take public transportation. We arrived at our destination, I think it was the Coliseum, and as I exited the over-crowded public bus, I thought that Cindy was right behind by me. The back doors of the bus slammed shut, and it took off. No Cindi!

I ran after the rapidly accelerating bus for about a half a mile, then gave up. This was a time without cell phones so being separated was not like it is today. If the bus rolled out of sight, I wouldn’t know where she got off or if she got off.   Several women on the bus noticed what had happened. One of them was beating the bus driver on his head with her purse, with all of them screaming in Italian for him to stop.   This only made things worse for Cindi because she had no idea that the woman was assaulting the driver on her behalf.   From a distance I saw that the bus had finally halted, thankfully before the driver went unconscious. I sprinted to her and we were reunited.

The Chinese have a curse – may you know interesting times. It doesn’t get more exciting than when you are violently separated from your spouse by a metal door on a speeding bus unless there is outright warfare in your neighborhood.

I contend that the simple comforts of life are highly underrated. Safe food tastily prepared, a home with hole-free walls and roof, a vehicle for transportation, and general good health rank up there with some of the finest things. These are the simple, unpretentious but solid accommodations for a complete life.

Sometimes the most exciting thing you can do is to just be grateful for the unexciting things which are the staples of a life well lived.

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