Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead 2

Getting Ahead                                    September 2019

I started a new business model, a major change in the way things would be done in my company.  I prayed and got no answer.  It was such a great idea that I just had to go ahead without God’s blessing.  I had time available that week.   Since idle hands are the devil’s workshop, I went ahead.

Studying the expertise I needed to take on this specialty ate up a lot of my time.  I got better and better at controlling this new realm.  I was considering Google ad word campaigns and how to advertise on Facebook; those thoughts snapped me awake in the morning. It was exciting. I built a great website with all the bells and whistles.  All was ready.  Or so I thought.

Within one hour of the internet launch, I started getting calls every few minutes.  It felt like the initiation of that company on the TV commercial where the activity blows the minds of the founders and crashes their servers.  Something was wrong.

The calls weren’t from new clients.   They were from Pakistan with a Lake Tahoe phone number.  They were from Nigeria with an El Paso phone number.  They were from India with a Portland number.  Offers for creating a better website, better SEO, accounting help, and loans to grow my new business poured in.   Not one client showed up.

I was reminded of that bumper sticker (not one I wrote) that said don’t drive faster than your angels can fly. God had spoken to me.  “Don’t get ahead of my plans for you.”

Proverbs 16:3 Entrust your works to the Lord,  and your plans will succeed.
I tried doing a reverse solicitation on my callers, but I couldn’t get anyone in Pakistan to buy what I had to offer. They hung up on me!

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