by Bob Bekins
November 2019

If you fall into a well in the daytime, you can see the stars. The same number of stars are there all the time.   We can’t see them because of the city lights at night or the light of the sun in the day.   The number of stars doesn’t change whether you are in downtown Phoenix at noon or in the Four Corners beside a cliff dwelling on a pitch black night.

We once did an exercise where we had to come up with 20 different uses for a paper cup.   None of the uses could have anything to do with holding a liquid.  The hardest thing to get over was our preconceived notion of what the paper cup was for. Once we got past that, the ideas started flowing. Turned upside down it could be used as a stand for a small vase, or to use as a musical instrument by thumping on it, or flattened as a wedge to level the fourth leg of a chair.  It was amazing how many ideas we had come to mind.

If you take a flower just visually, not using any of the other senses, you will be amazed if you only spend 10 minutes looking at it. Just 600 seconds will show you things that you never realized.  This small amount of time will show you veins of different colors in the petals. You will see edges on the flower that have their own shape. The pollen has a color and a form which will become apparent to you. The patterns shown by the elements inside the flower will be something that you will remember for the rest of your life.   More than anything else, you will realize that you never really looked at a flower before.

When I think about God’s glory, it becomes apparent to me that I have only a tiny percentage of understanding about who He is.  Oh, I can have opinions about Him, limited by who I am. Those opinions don’t change who He really is or the complexity of what He has done in the universe.  Only when I’m in the bottom of the well do I really get the opportunity to see all that He can do and has done. Only when I separate myself from the city and walk among the forests of his creation can I get the real sense of all that He wants for me.  There I see the day flowers and the stars at night.

There are millions of billions of stars and billions of us humans. Incredibly, His greatest desire is to have a one-on-one relationship with you, each of you.   That is a fact which is millions of times more important than all the stars in the sky and beyond our wildest imagination. You and He will be together, and together forever. Do you want Him as much as He wants you?

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